Chapter 4

Studying Behavior

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Research on the Net

There are many opportunities to take part in research being conducted on the Internet. Explore some of the sites where experiments are being conducted. What variables are being studied? How are the variables operationally defined? Is the researcher using the experimental or the nonexperiment method? Some of the studies use the nonexperimental method by asking you to fill out attitude questionnaires, personality measures, and so on. Others use the experimental method -- will be asked to view or read material and then record your responses. Some experiments automatically assign participants to conditions; others ask you to provide a number such as the day of the month you were born; this number in turn determines the condition in which you will participate.

Research Randomizer

Mediating Variables

Research Design Web Page

Bill Trochim has developed a web page on research design that includes both experimental and quasi-experimental designs. This is an excellent resource.

Research Methods Tutorials

Graduate students in Bill Trochim's Program Evaluation and Research Design class at Cornell University prepared tutorials for students new to social research methods. I will be referring you to these in several of the chapter pages. Rather than link you to each of the individual tutorials, I will simply provide one link to the list of tutorials. I suspect that the content of Dr. Trochim's tutorials page will expand in subsequent semesters. 

Tutorials related to Chapter 4 include Correlational Research Designs, Non-experimental Design, Securing Internal Validity - How to Avoid the Threats, Threats to Construct Validity, and Validity.

Practice Quiz

Use the Google search engine to find additional information on related topics. Send me any links you would like to add.