Understanding Research Results:
Inferential Statistics

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Internet Statistics Resources

Internet Statistical Analysis

Many Web sites have Java applets to perform statistical calculations and display graphics output. These can be both informative and fun.

WISE: Web Interface for Statistics Education

WISE is a web site with links to statistics resources as well as a series of tutorials. The tutorials on statistical tests are quite useful for undergraduates. WISE is a project by Dale Berger and his students at Claremont Graduate University. One of the best sites around for learning statistics.

Computer Programs

Selecting Statistics

Bill Trochim's decision-tree guide to selecting the appropriate statistical test for different research designs. If you are using SPSS, you can find the "Statistics Coach" in the Help menu - this program is a guide to finding the correct SPSS procedure for different research designs.

Pitfalls of Data Analysis

This is an interesting paper by Clay Helberg.

On-line Statistics Texts and Tutorials

These can be very useful to give you a fresh perspective on statistics or address a particular question that you have.

Practice Quiz

Use the Google search engine to find additional information on related topics.