Observing Behavior


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Research Methods Tutorials

Graduate students in Bill Trochim's Program Evaluation and Research Design class at Cornell University prepared tutorials for students new to social research methods. I will be referring you to these in several of the chapter pages. Rather than link you to each of the individual tutorials, I will simply provide one link to the list of tutorials.

Tutorials related to Chapter 6 include Non-Experimental Design and Randomized Experiments.

Archival Data

ICSPR Data Archive

SDA: Survey Documentation and Analysis from UC Berkeley - a source for data archives that can be analyzed online.

Human Relations Area Files Web Site

Case Study Examples on the Internet

What is an agent anyway?  A Sociology Case Study

Qualitative Research

QualPage, a web site for qualitative research.

Qualitative Research Site Guide

The Qualitative Report, an on-line journal.

QUALIDATA - Qualitative Data Archival Resource Centre at the University of Essex.

NUD*IST Qualitative Data Analysis software. (NUD*IST = Nonnumerical Unstructured Data Indexing, Searching and Theorizing)

Atlas.ti Qualitative Data Analysis software

Ethnograph Qualitative Data Analysis software

Forum: Qualitative Social Research, an on-line journal.

Psychological Tests

APA FAQ about psychological tests.

Buros Institute of Mental Measurements

ERIC Assessment and Evaluation

Educational Testing Service

Yahoo directory of testing sites

Research Design Web Page

Bill Trochim has developed a web page on research design that includes both experimental and quasi-experimental designs. This is an excellent resource.

Practice Quiz


Use the Google search engine to find additional information on related topics.