Chapter 8

Experimental Design: Purposes and Pitfalls

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Research Methods Tutorials

Graduate students in Bill Trochim's Program Evaluation and Research Design class at Cornell University prepared tutorials for students new to social research methods. I will be referring you to these in several of the chapter pages. Rather than link you to each of the individual tutorials, I will simply provide one link to the list of tutorials. I suspect that the content of Dr. Trochim's tutorials page will expand in subsequent semesters. 

Tutorials related to Chapter 8 include Securing Internal Validity - How to Avoid the Threats, Single Group Threats to Internal Validity, and Validity.

Internal Validity

Internal Validity Tutorial and Exercises.

Repeated Measures

Repeated Measures Simulation - this is an applet that lets you investigate differences between independent groups and repeated measures (or paired samples) t-tests.

Latin Squares - Applet to create up to 7x7 Latin squares.

Posttest-Only Designs

Validity Threats in Posttest Experiments -  try to identify the validity threats and then read about them.

Research Randomizer

Research Design Web Page

Bill Trochim has developed a web page on research design that includes both experimental and quasi-experimental designs. This is an excellent resource.

Practice Quiz

Use the Google search engine to find additional information on related topics.