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The following 29 questions are to examine certain aspects of coping. For each question, you will see 7 possible answers: two contradictory responses at the end points, with the remaining responses representing the continuum between those two responses. Please use the full range of responses.

1. When I talk to people, I have the feeling they understand me.

never             always

2. When I have to do something which depends upon cooperation with others, I have the feeling it:

will definitely be accomplished             will definitely not be accomplished

3. Of the people with whom I come in contact on a daily basis, other than those to whom I feel closest, I know most of them:

very well             not at all

4. I feel that I don't really care what goes on around me.

never             very often

5. In the past, I have been surprised by the behavior of those I thought I knew well.

never             very often

6. People I thought I could count on have disappointed me.

never            very often

7. Life is:
full of interest             dull and boring

8. Up to this point, my life has had:

no clear goals or purpose             very clear goals and purpose

9. I have the feeling that I'm being treated unfairly.

very often            very seldom

10. Over the past 10 years, my life has been:

full of unpredictable changes             consistent and predictable

11. Most of the things I do in the future will be:

boring             fascinating

12. In an unfamiliar situation, I feel I don't know what to do.

very often             never or seldom

13. The statement that best describes how I view painful situations in life:

solutions or meaning can always be found             there is no solution or meaning

14. When I think about my life, I:

feel how good it is to be alive             ask myself why I exist

15. When I face a difficult problem, the choice of a solution is:

confusing and difficult to find             completely clear

16. Doing the things I do everyday is:

a deep source of pleasure             a source of pain and boredom

17. My life in the future will be:
full of unpredicability             consistent and predictable

18. When something unpleasant in the past happened, my tendency was:

to let it eat me up             to let it go and move on

19. I have feelings that I would rather not feel:

all the time             very seldom or never

20. When I do something that gives me a good feeling:

I know I'll continue feeling that way             something will come along to spoil it

21. I feel mixed up and confused:
very often             seldom or never

22. In the future my personal life will be:
without meaning             fulfilling

23. In the future, I will always have people in my life that I can count on.

I am certain of it             I doubt it

24. I feel that I don't know exactly what's going to happen.

very often             seldom or never

25. I have felt like a loser:
very often             seldom or never

26. When something happens, I generally:

under or overestimate its importance             assess the situation's importance appropriately

27. When I think of difficulties I am likely to face with regard to important aspects of my life, I feel that I will:

succeed in overcoming them             won't succeed in overcoming them

28. I often feel that there is little meaning to the things I do in my daily life.

very often             never or very seldom

29. I often feel that I'm not sure I can maintain control.

very often             never or very seldom

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