Practice Quiz

Chapter 10
Complex Experimental Designs

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1. If you predict a curvilinear relationship, you must have at least three levels of the independent variable in your experiment.

2. A researcher studied the effect of defendant gender (male-female) and type of crime (robbery-embezzlement) on juror decisions. How many conditions are in this study?

3. If a study has two or more independent variables, it is called a factorial design.

4. Participants gave longer sentences for embezzlement than robbery, irrespective of gender. This implies that there was a:
main effect of gender.
main effect of type of crime.

5. In the IV X SV design, one of the independent variables is a characteristic of participants such as personality type.

6. In a mixed factorial design, one of the independent variables is a characteristic of participants such as personality type.

7. A researcher interested in attitude change designed an experiment that examined the effect of age (18-25 years of age, 35-50, and over 60) and type of media (newspaper, radio, television) on attitude toward a tax increase for local schools. In a completely independent groups design with 20 participants per condition, the researcher needs to study ______ people.

8. The effect of motivation depended on whether there was a clear standard for excellence. This sentence implies that there was a(n):
main effect of motivation
main effect of standard
interaction effect

9. A main effect is the effect of one independent variable averaged over the other independent variables.

10. Dr. Fox studied the effect of attractiveness on juror decisions. Dr. Ramirez studied the effect of type of crime on juror decisions. What would be gained by studying both independent variables in one experiment?
main effects
curvilinear relationship

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