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Chapter 4
Studying Behavior

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1. Operational definitions are useful because they offer specificity, but are not essential when the scientific method is used.

2. The ability to make inferences about cause and effect relationships is increased when the experimental method is used.

3. In a positive linear relationship, increases in the levels of one variable are associated with increases in the levels of a second variable.

4. Which is NOT a problem when the nonexperimental method is used to study relationships between variables?
Direction of cause and effect
Behavior is only measured
A "third" variable may be responsible for the relationship.

5. Which of the following relationships would most likely be studied with the nonexperimental method?
The effect of parental use of alcohol on aggressive behavior of children.
The effect of distraction while studying on test performance.
The effect of defendant attractiveness on juror decisions.

6. The variable that is manipulated in an experiment is the dependent variable.

7. In an experiment, some participants took a standard printed exam; others took the exam using a computer administration procedure. Scores obtained with the two exam procedures were compared. The independent variable was __________ and the dependent variable was __________.
exam type; exam score.
exam score, exam type.
participant gender, exam procedure

8. Which of the following is used to make sure that the participants in each condition of an experiment are equivalent?
Experimental control

9. Internal validity refers to the ability to draw inferences about cause and effect relationships between variables.

10. Complete understanding of behavior is achieved by studying variables using multiple operational definitions and both experimental and nonexperimental methods.

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