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Chapter 7
Asking People About Themselves: Survey Research

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1. With probability sampling techniques, each member of the population has a(n) specifiable probability of being sampled.  

2. You wish to make a precise estimate about the characteristics of a population of individuals. You should use:
quota sampling.
probability sampling.
accidental sampling.

3. A nonprobability sample is usually acceptable when the goal of the research is to examine relationships between variables.

4. The number of people who complete a survey in relation to the number of people contacted to participate is called the:
response set.
response rate.
response bias.

5. A panel study is used to study changes in survey responses over time.

6. The question, "Do you think that television should have less violence and fewer shows about sex" is considered:

7. Which type of questions should be first in a questionnaire or interview?
questions about demographics such as age and gender
questions about attitudes and behaviors

8. Which type of question is most likely to be used when the researcher is just starting to explore what people think about a particular topic?

9. If you need a sample of about 1,000 to get an accurate estimate of a population of 10,000 people, you need a sample size of 2,000 if your population consists of 20,000 people.

10. Which is most likely to yield qualitative data?
Mail survey
Focus group
Telephone interview

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