Tamara Goode Tamara and her dog Sierra

I am a second year graduate student in the M.A Psychology program at California State University, Fullerton. My interests include evolution of cognition and emotion, intraindividual variability, dynamical systems modelling, structural equation modelling, mixed modelling, the interaction of emotion and cognition, face recognition, and biopsychology.

My current projects include an examination of the role of eyebrows in face recognition, and predicting mild cognitive impairment in older adults from intraindividual variability in cognitive function as measured by response time.

Here are some favorite quotes of mine.

The quiet statisticians have changed our world; not by discovering new facts or technical developments, but by changing the ways that we reason, experiment, and form opinions. Ian Hacking

All models are wrong but some models are useful. George E.P. Box

I am also interested in philosophy of science, physics, epigenetics, and natural selection. Also art history, architecture, and music. And literature. History of science. Let's just say I'm never bored...