Welcome to the home page for Methods in Behavioral Research, a text for research methods courses in psychology and other behavioral sciences. This Web site is organized by the chapters in the book. Each chapter lists Web resources that you can access to enhance learning about and teaching research methods. The links will open in a new window so you won't lose this site while exploring research topics. There are also practice quizzes for each chapter and files for downloading.

Visit the official McGraw-Hill book website. Each chapter has wonderful resources including

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Site Contents

Chapter 1 - Scientific Understanding of Behavior

Chapter 2 - Where to Start

Chapter 3 - Ethical Research

Chapter 4 - Studying Behavior

Chapter 5 - Measurement Concepts

Chapter 6 - Observing Behavior

Chapter 7 - Asking People about Themselves: Survey Research

Chapter 8 - Experimental Design: Purposed and Pitfalls

Chapter 9 - Conducting Experiments

Chapter 10 - Complex Experimental Designs

Chapter 11 - Quasi-Experimental and Single-Subject Designs

Chapter 12 - Understanding Research Results: Description and Correlation

Chapter 13 - Understanding Research Results: Inferential Statistics

Chapter 14 - Generalizing Results

Appendix A: Writing Research Reports

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