Practice Quizzes

We've added practice quizzes for each chapter. Each quiz has 5 or more true-false and multiple-choice questions. You will receive feedback as soon as you submit your answers. The program to create the quizzes seems to work fine with Internet Explorer; however, I have had a few problems with Netscape. If you experience difficulties with the quizzes, please let me know about the problem.

Instructors: Please add your own questions to these pages. Just send the items you would like to see included.

Here are the links to each quiz. The links are also included with each chapter of the Methods in Behavioral Research Web site.

Chapter 1 Scientific Understanding of Behavior
Chapter 2 Where to Start
Chapter 3 Ethical Research
Chapter 4 Studying Behavior
Chapter 5 Measurement Concepts
Chapter 6 Observing Behavior
Chapter 7 Survey Research
Chapter 8 Experimental Design: Purposes and Pitfalls
Chapter 9 Conducting Experiments
Chapter 10 Complex Experimental Designs
Chapter 11 Quasi-experimental, Single Subject, and Developmental Research Designs
Chapter 12 Understanding Research Results: Description and Correlation
Chapter 13 Understanding Research Results: Statistical Inference
Chapter 14 Generalizing Research Results